Skipton Table Tennis Club

Senior Players

Senior Players

Welcome to Skipton Table Tennis Club’s new webpage at Sandylands Sports Centre.

Junior Players

Cadet & Junior Players

The club is  community based & not for profit club and was formed in September 2012 as the sport wasn’t represented in Skipton, though coaching in the sport had been available a few years earlier.

It started slowly, mainly because, and with hindsight, September isn’t a good time to get involved with a new sport in schools as their curriculum has already been set out during the summer, and Primary schools are a good place to start to get the young players involved.

The club has risen in numbers playing, with a healthy group opting to play in the local Keighley & District Table Tennis League last season 2013-2014, where we put in two teams,and both finished mid-way.

There are 5 table on which to practice on and one the club owns for playing matches on, we coach anyone who is remotely interested in the sport from 7-70,age or ability isn’t a barrier, neither is any disability, to playing, this sport can be played anywhere, anytime indoors or out.

STTC’s approach to coaching is to draw out the best from all players and to fine tune their Technique and hone their skills in order for them to achieve their goal.

We coach on various days of the week to suit both parents and players alike, as some times I’m sure that you as parents of sports mad children must feel like you’re not only parents but a social/sports secretary.

Monday’s 19.00-20.30 Seniors

Saturday’s 11.30-13.00, 13.30-15.00 Cadets & Juniors

For more information please contact Barry Atkinson on m:07733056088.