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The Main Hall and Hard-Backed Squash Courts and Changing Rooms were constructed in 1972 by The Coulthurst Trust, founded by the late John W Coulthurst J P from Gargrave. The Coulthurst Craven Sports Centre, known locally at Sandylands Sports Centre, became a self-help Registered Charity in 1984. It is a none-profit making organisation run in accordance with a Declaration of Trust dated 31 August 1984. The latter ensures that there is no discrimination in respect of sex, age, physical ability or race.

The Sports Centre is run by a voluntary Management Committee, representing the sports in the area and the three Councils, namely North Yorkshire County Council, Craven District Council and Skipton Town Council.

Sandylands Sports Centre is the main provider of comprehensive community-based sport and recreational facilities in Craven. It attracts over 200,000 person visits per year.

Since 1989, around £2 million has been raised, by means of grants, loans and donations, for improved and new facilities at the Sports Centre. In particular, the £850,000 3G Full Size Floodlit All-Weather Pitch and associated Changing Rooms development was completed in 2004. This is now one of the most well-used facilities of its kind in the country.

Roger Beck (Chairman – Public), Ruksana Mahmood (Vice-Chair, Public Co-Opted), Peter Wilkinson (Badminton), Gary Calam (Tennis), Trevor Howson (Public), Ji Mukherjee (Cricket), Warren Burnett (Rugby), Clive Carroll (Football), Bev Bruce (Fitness), Adam Cox (Public), Andy Solloway (North Yorkshire County Council), Chris Harbron (Craven District Council) and Aidan Higgins (Skipton Town Council). 

Full Planning Permission for Four Indoor Tennis Courts, together with ancillary extensions, to the rear of Skipton Tennis Centre Clubhouse, was granted on 9 September 2019. This exciting new development is likely to cost in the region of £1 million. Negotiations are on-going, notably with the Lawn Tennis Association and Craven District Council (the latter in respect of allocated Section 106 Agreement money) for Three Indoor Courts. The 4th Court is likely to be used for Gymnastics and a Climbing Wall, and separate fund raising has already commenced for this part of the proposed development. 

Update July 2021: Whilst the 4th Indoor Tennis Court was originally proposed for Gymnastics and a Climbing Wall, it is now more likely that it’s future use will be for Padel. There have been considerable detailed consultations, particularly over the last 18 months, with the Lawn Tennis Association and Craven District Council, regarding funding for the proposed £700,000 Three Indoor Tennis Courts development. In this connection, the Management Committee, at their meeting on 24 June 2021, approved a New Lease for Skipton Tennis Centre, following negotiations with both the Lawn Tennis Association and Craven District Council. Also, there is likely to be significant “work-in-kind” and other fund-raising is already well-advanced. It is anticipated that this exciting development will be undertaken in 2022.

>> Click here to view the approved site plan

Update October 2022: The escalation in costs this year, notably materials (especially steel) and labour, has unfortunately lead to a re-assessment of the extension to provide four Indoor Tennis Courts at Skipton Tennis Centre. The building (extension), despite drainage works “commencing” the 2019 Planning Permission, has therefore had to be delayed pending future funding. The new Padel Court however, which opened on 6 May 2022, is the first such facility in Craven. It is proving very popular. The amended scheme, costing around £400,000, will still provide three new outdoor Tennis Courts and two new covered Padel Courts. The development, sited on the approved footprint, will be enclosed by fencing and be floodlit. All the proposed facilities have been fully costed, the New Lease between Skipton Tennis Centre and Sandylands Sports Centre agreed, and a Business Plan completed. Whilst Skipton Tennis Centre are still waiting for the Lawn Tennis Association to review the re-submitted Loan Application for £250,000, it is still hoped that the much-needed additional “rackets” development will be undertaken in 2023. 

The Management Committee, at their meeting on 24 June 2021, approved the appointment of Graphics Architectural Services Ltd of Skipton to undertake full planning drawings for a proposed £300,000 extension to the existing All-Weather Pitch Changing Rooms building at Sandylands Sports Centre. This will accommodate a Dedicated Gymnasium and Climbing Wall/ Bouldering Area, together with a Café (overlooking the All-Weather Pitch) and also a Meeting Room. There will also be associated internal alterations to the existing Changing Rooms to provide separate Changing Facilities for the new sports, a comprehensive Disabled Suite, the re-orientation of the All-Weather Pitch Reception and the construction of a “Link” to the proposed extension. The planning application will be submitted to Craven District Council in the Autumn and the development hopefully undertaken in 2022. The proposals have already generated considerable local community interest and also have the support of the two respective Governing Bodies, namely British Gymnastics and the British Mountaineering Council. Fund-Raising for this further exciting development at Sandylands Sports Centre has already commenced. 

Update October 2022: Despite a Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment, submitted by JBA Consulting on 14 July 2022 on behalf of Sandylands Sports Centre, the Environment Agency still unfortunately maintained their objection to the planning application in a letter dated 26 September 2022. Further flood event modelling was therefore undertaken by JBA Consulting and re-submitted, together with a detailed letter, to the Environment Agency on 13 October 2022. These deliberations are “holding-up” the planning permission and the submission of the additional funding applications required as a result of escalating costs. The proposed extension is now likely to cost in the region of £600,000. Meanwhile however, the design for the internal alterations to the All-Weather Pitch Changing Rooms building, to re-configure the All-Weather Pitch Reception and create a comprehensive Disability Suite, is being pursued. A Building Regulations Application has been submitted and the alterations will be undertaken by the Sports Centre over the winter months. There has been considerable interest in Gymnastics following the nation’s success at the Commonwealth Games and European Championships and significant enquiries have been received about the proposed Climbing Walls and associated Bouldering facilities. It is still hoped that work on the extension will commence in 2023. 

Update at the End of November 2022: The Environment Agency withdrew it’s objection to the planning application on 15 November, which then enabled Craven District Council to grant Full Planning Permission on 18 November. Local contractors have now been requested for a rough guide price for the approved development. 

A Full Plans Conditional Approval Notice, under the Building Regulations, for the proposed internal alterations to the existing All-Weather Pitch Changing Rooms building, was granted on 8 November. The work will hopefully be undertaken during the Spring. 

Update October 2022: A book compiled by Roger Beck (Chairman) and entitled The History of Sandylands Sports Centre, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Sandylands Sports Centre at Skipton on 11 November 2022, is now available for download on the Sports Centre website here  https://sandylands.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Sandylands-Book_Web2.pdf. It has been designed by Charlotte Fox Marketing and a few hard copies will be produced by John Mason Printers of Skipton.

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